Why should I consider building a Modular Home?

There are many reasons why it makes sense to consider off-site systems-built construction often referred to as “Modular Construction”... . The following are only a few of the many reasons why off-site construction is more efficient and effective than

It’s Faster-Start to finish build times are drastically reduced for several reasons.

90% of the home is built inside a controlled environment. Weather does not slow the process with rain, extreme cold or extreme heat.

The home is being built while the foundation is being installed, not after.

The crew begins on time and finishes on time in the factory. Their time is carefully monitored.

All parts, materials and tools are always available to them. There is no forgetting a saw blade or a piece of trim and killing half of the day going to retrieve it.

Systems are in place to make construction much more efficient. All systems are constantly being analyzed to be more effective and productive.

Inspections are more frequent, but easier and more effective with inspectors inside the facility all of the time, not running from job to job.

It’s less expensive- When truly compared item to item on the total cost of a project, Off-Site construction will always be more cost effective in the long run.

Materials are purchased in higher volumes, keeping the cost down.

There's less waste, allowing for a “greener” project and a lower cost. Lumber is purchased at the correct lengths and not cut down as much, producing less waste.

There is no job site theft due to the home and materials being left on the site without protection for weeks at a time. Theft is common in traditional construction unfortunately.
  • The cost of construction financing is high. Every month a project continues cost you more interest. The faster build times equal less money in interest! Off site construction is often 50% faster than traditional construction which not only saves you interest, but storage fees and interim housing costs, not to mention the stress of waiting for the project to be completed!
  • We can build from hundreds of already available, engineered floorplans since we use 3-D computer design, revisions are easily prepared for state or local approval. We can even design from scratch

    without the need for an architect, saving you thousands of dollars !
  • Often a traditionally built home will be subjected to rain and extreme temperatures for long periods before it is “dried in” and protected. This does damage to the structure that may cause issues later. Our homes never see rain or extreme weather until they are prepared for set up in the field, and they are often sealed from the elements within the first or second day. This minimizes loss and expensive repairs.
It’s more accurate-This is where Dynamic Design-Build is the most effective!
  • Sections of the home are built on jigs that keep walls straighter and plans more consistent with the original design.
  • There are more inspections than on a traditional home, which forces carpenters to be more careful with details.Workers are monitored more closely in a factory than on a job site simply due to the convenience of it. Foremen are supervising all of the time. Often subs and carpenters work for hours or days on site with no supervision, which can be risky.
  • At DDB we work directly with you on the design of the home in the same design software that the factory uses. We also design the home in a way that we know will work in the field, because we are the ones that will put the home together. We can design the home in 3-D so the client can walk through and see the details in virtual reality, not just guess what it will look like form a floor plan like they would with other builders. This truly sets us apart and minimizes miscommunication and confusion.
It’s stronger!- FEMA has released findings from investigation of storm damage in coastal regions of the South East.
  • Their report shows that modern modular homes often outperform traditional site-constructed homes in extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes and earthquakes due to additional structural framing used in modular homes that allows them to be shipped to the site without damaging the sheetrock and other delicate finished items in the home.
  • Our homes are better strapped and fastened than most built on site.
  • Our homes are built with more load bearing and shear resistant walls than most site constructed homes because they are transported in sections and each unit must be able to withstand high winds alone as it is shipped down the highway!
  • DDB can also fit your home with Impact Resistant windows in high wind locations such as beachfront properties. This will allow you to rest easier when extreme weather is approaching, knowing you will not have to be trying to hang plywood or close shutters over the windows of your new home!
  • Due to the systems approach to modular construction, waste is minimized and materials are more closely monitored for lower environmental impact. Our factories are constantly working to produce better, more environment friendly homes every day!
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