Homes built in large subdivisions by development companies (Tract builders) have drawbacks. Here are a few reasons why our homes are a better value.
Tract Homes have covenants and restrictions-
  •  Large subdivisions usually have a set of covenants that you are required to sign prior to purchasing the home. These can be quite restrictive as many people have learned once they move in and begin their lives. Often they will not allow boats, motorcycles or more than 2 cars to be parked in the yard. They may also require specific landscaping and upkeep. At times they even require that garage doors be closed at night and all children's toys be removed from the yard. If these rules are not strictly adhered to you can be fined or taken to court.
Tract Homes are usually built on a slab-
  •  Slab homes are cheaper to build than homes built off the ground on a crawlspace (usually 3-4 feet above the ground), therefore large developers prefer building this way. This is simply because there is no floor system aside from the concrete slab. However there are many reasons why slab homes are inferior to homes built above grade. 1. Flooding potential. If your home is built directly on the ground and the area floods the water will come into your home causing damage. 2. Moisture can be transferred through the slab and into your home causing mold and damage. 3. Insulation values are increased substantially when you raise the home and install a moisture barrier over the ground beneath the home. This is increased even further when the floor system is insulated with fiberglass batts as our homes are. 4.Plumbing issues are difficult to resolve when the plumbing runs under or through a slab floor. If replacement is necessary it is a major undertaking to remove the section of slab and the plumbing.
Construction standards on Tract Homes are often minimized.
  • Developers know that clients are more impressed with a pretty model home than they are with exceptional construction standards. Lower grades of materials are often used to reduce the cost of construction including less structural framing which leads to integrity issues in the future. Our homes are structurally superior to most site-built homes simply because they must be transported to the site over the road. (see FEMA supports modular page on this site for proof of this claim) When you compare item to item all of the construction standards of our homes compared to large tract built homes it is easy to see why our value is much better in the long term. We will be glad to do a side by side comparison for you if you like, just give us a call!
Tract homes often have small lots
  • leaving you feeling cramped and confined between your neighbors lacking the privacy you enjoy on a larger site.
Tract Homes have fewer custom options.
  •  Tract builders cannot offer the amount of custom options available to you with Dynamic Design-Build. Tract builders generally only have a few plans with a couple of options each and a short list of selections for floorcoverings, fixtures and other options for your home. These options are cost effective for them, not innovative and unique for you. At DDB we can truly custom design and build your home just for you, with hundreds of plans to choose from as well as the ability to custom design your home specifically for your family your options are as vast as your imagination! Why live in a home for many years that was not designed with your needs in mind?
Tract Homes are sold at full market value.
  • Developers are focused on getting full market value for the homes they sell. They plan the development to maximize profits for them, not equity for you. Our homes often appraise at a much higher value than the cost to the client, therefore the client has instant equity in the property allowing them the peace of mind that their investment is secure in the market. This means more value for your money!
Custom modular homes, when compared apples to apples with other methods of construction always prove to be a better investment!
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