About Dynamic Design-Build

Dynamic Design-Build was created to bring Innovative Design Technologies and Traditional Craftsmanship together.

Frank Lewis recognized that a communication gap between the client with the vision, the architect or designer, the structural engineers, the builder and all of the subcontractors associated with the project.

This communication breakdown was having a grapevine effect on the final outcome of the client’s vision.

In short, with other builders the client’s vision was often lost in the translation!

We realized that there are many parties involved in building a vision, and there must be a way to anchor them all together and connect them to that vision, or the dream can become a nightmare.

This is where Dynamic Design-Build is truly unique in the field of builders.

We keep the design of the project and the management of the project by the builder together in one organization. This reduces miscommunication of the vision because the builder is always involved from the beginning to the end, which results in happier clients!

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